Focus on Getting Outdoors (Wellness Approach)

children enjoying the sun in the park and bird watching
  • Create a campaign on the benefits of getting outside into nature
  • Encourage the public to take a 10 minute ‘observation break’ to watch birds with a purpose of collecting data for Celebrate Urban Birds
  • Create a photo/art contest that highlights the benefits of spending time outdoors
  • Partner with local hospital or fitness center to provide workshops and information on reducing stress by spending time in nature

Why are green spaces in urban locations so important to people? These are some of the findings by the Landscape and Human Health Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Learn more at the Landscape and Human Health Laboratory website here, or follow the links to individual topics below:

Aggression is significantly lower among people who have some kind of nature outside their apartments versus those who don’t.

Green spaces foster a sense of community.

Green outdoor spaces can help reduce symptoms of Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Syndrome (ADHD).

Girls who grow up with greener views from home show less impulsive behavior.

Residents living in greener surroundings report lower levels of fear and less violence.

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