Focus on Education (Teaching Approach)

Use Celebrate Urban Birds kits and materials to support, build on, or expand a current program or educational activity you’ve already undertaken.

    instructing kids on their projects

  • Discover local nature through observation and data collection
  • Teach sustainability by making a connection to birds
  • Support science education by engaging the public in citizen science where everyone’s observations are important and help scientists
  • group photo of participants on rock
    (Photo © Courtesy of Rancocas Nature Center)
  • Support literacy by reading books such as Urban Roosts by Barbara Bash or Henry Cole’s On Meadowview Street, provide cross-curricular activities (including data collection), and connect with related outdoor experiences and crafts
  • Learn more about plants that feed birds, or learn what birds need for safe nesting and shelter.
  • kids learning with art
    (Photo © courtesy of Pine Hills Elementary)
  • Explore themes such as threats to birds in cities, what you can do to help birds and nature, and more.
  • Encourage technology use by supporting the creation of podcasts by Urban Bird Sounds Project.
  • kids learning through nature and gardening
    (Photo © courtesy of Pine Hills Elementary )
  • Create guided nature tours in your park, slide shows, photo exhibits, powerpoint displays, podcasts, quick little videos about birds they saw, nature blogs, twitter messages, and other fun stuff!

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