Funky Nests 2017

Have you noticed any nests in your neighborhood?
No? Are you sure?

Go outside this spring and check out store signs, streetlights, balconies, traffic lights, gutters, downspouts, rooftops, stadium lights, light fixtures, grills, utility poles, potted plants and more! You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find, and be sure to share your discoveries with us!

We are not looking for professional photographers. We’re just looking for interesting stories. We hope that people of all ages will participate, and we accept diverse types of entries like poems or videos, too. Youth are encouraged to submit entries (please let us know that it is a youth entry in the description).

Contest deadline extended to June 30!


Prizes include a mini-iPad, binoculars, Pennington bird feeders, Inside Birding DVDs, Bird guides, Cornell Lab of Ornithology Membership Gift Packets, Project FeederWatch posters, and much more.

Learn more about nests

Attention: Before going out to find nests take a few minutes to learn a little about how to observe nests without harming the birds, where to find nests, and common myths about nesting birds.

How to Find Funky Nests

How to find funky nests pdf

Where have people like you found funky nests? Find out by downloading our How To Find Funky Nests Guide.

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