Akitoi Learning Center

September 13th, 2013
South El Monte, CA

The Akitoi Learning Center in South El Monte, CA is a preschool that emphasizes the development of communication skills, how to solve problems and make decisions, and self-help and -esteem. We sent them some CUBs kits earlier this year, and they used them in their lessons on the rainforest and Earth Day, and also involved the students, their families, and school staff in the addition of birdseed feeders, water bowls, and hummingbird feeders around the school grounds, which everyone enjoyed.

Last week, we were happily surprised to receive a packet of art pieces created by Akitoi preschoolers (with captions by their teacher, Melissa Schwartz) as a thank you for our kits and help, and since we appreciated their effort to get their wonderful art to us, we wanted to share their work with you, too!

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