How to Plant and Maintain Lance-leaf Coreopsis

The Lance-leaf Coreopsis (Coreopsis lanceolata) is beautiful and tolerant of many soil types and environmental conditions, which makes it a popular choice among home gardeners. It’s often found naturally on dry, infertile sites. This plant has bright yellow flowers that are 1-2 inches in diameter and has dark brown seeds that are winged and curved. Coreopsis are sometimes called tickseeds because their seeds superficially resemble ticks! It also produces abundant amounts of seeds and attracts pollinators.

The Lance-leaf coreopsis prefers full sun, but will tolerate light shade. In environments with heavier shade, the plant will produce less flowers and taller stems. As mentioned before, this plant is tolerant of many soil types. However, it prefers well-drained soil (preferably not clay).


  • Plant seeds directly in container. Seed depth can be from soil surface up to 1/8 of an inch.
  • This plant requires medium amounts of water. Use soil with good drainage. Use fertilizer as needed.
  • When flowers are spent, make sure to prune them or “dead-head” them so that the plant can continue to bloom!
  • Put container in a place where it receives plenty of sunlight.

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