Wild Connections

February 23rd, 2013
Toledo, OH

Wild Connections and their partner Toledo GROWs are having a Seed Swap on February 23rd, where they hope to inspire fellow gardeners to become citizen scientists, and share know-how through workshops and activities. Click the download below to open their flyer!

[download title=”SeedSwap 2013 Workshop Flyer” url=”http://celebrateurbanbirds.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/SeedSwap-2013-Workshop-Flyer-Final.pdf” id=”3915″]

Update Feb. 25th:

The Wild Connections/Toledo GROWS (Gardens Revitalize Our World) Seed Swap this weekend was a great success, with over a thousand participants! That’s about two hundred more than last year, which was the eighth annual Seed Swap, sponsored by the Toledo Botanical Garden.

The Wild Connections crew were able to give out practically all their Celebrate Urban Birds material (see the picture below), and also received interesting information from several Seed Swap attendees, who said that they’d had Eastern Bluebirds at their bird-feeders in the last week. So if you live in the Toledo area, keep an eye out for these cheery, two-weeks-early visitors! To read more about the Seed Swap, see the Toledo Blade’s coverage here.

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