Berry Elementary Environmental Science Magnet School

April 21st, 2012
Houston, TX

Berry Elementary student making observations
(Photo © Berry Elementary)
Participants in the Bird Club led by Paula Wheeler at the Berry Elementary Environmental Science Magnet School had a wonderful celebration on Saturday April 21, 2012. Participants made bird feeders constructed from simple materials like recycled milk jugs bottles, and played obstacle games that demonstrated the dangers that birds face every day in the city.

Barn Owl lesson
Mary Ann Webber shows students a Barn Owl (Photo © Berry Elementary)
Club members spent time outdoors making observations and collecting data about local birds found around the school. After these morning activities, all participants in the club had a picnic and several rounds of a game specially created for the occasion – the Urban Bird Bingo. Ms. Wheeler, along with volunteers Nora Jasso, Alma Guerra, Esmeralda Diaz and Michael Pickens, were responsible for the great success of this event! Also, Ann Webber, a member of the Audubon Society of Houston, Texas, gave a beautiful and informative presentation about endangered birds and the rehabilitation of wild raptors. Participants were able to enjoy and learn about Chimney Swifts, Peregrine Falcons and owls!
Berry Elementary milk-jug bird-feeders
(Photo © Berry Elementary)

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