Saint Mary’s School

May 6th, 2014
Lake Village, AR

On May 6th, 2014, Mrs. Tracy Rosson’s kindergarten class at Saint Mary’s School in Lake Village, Arkansas had an ornithology day bird scout! Their scouting area was in the flat delta lands in southeastern Arkansas, near Lake Chicot, a true natural wonder. Formerly the main channel of the Mississippi River, this 20-mile-long lake is the biggest oxbow lake in North America and the state’s largest natural body of water.

In partnership with the Cooperative Extension Service of University of Arkansas, and using CUBs materials, students learned about birds and were able to submit their data back to us! Each participant was given Lemon Queen Sunflower seeds that they can plant at home to attract local birds this summer.

The kids all enjoyed their outing and Mrs. Tracy hopes this will be an annual event for her kindergarten students!

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