New Settlement’s Bronx Helpers

March 13th, 2009
Bronx, New York, NY

Welfare of companion and wild animals

The New Settlement’s Bronx Helpers are working with staff of the NYC Parks Department to observe birds at Pelham Bay Park.

This activity follows more than one month of work that the New Settlement’s Bronx Helpers have put into a focus on the welfare of companion and wild animals. New Settlement’s Bronx Helpers are learning about ways that they can promote animal welfare through education, advocacy and decision-making in their daily lives.

While in Pelham Bay Park, they will learn about what species live in that natural habitat and ways that they can protect those species and their environment.

What is the Bronx Helper’s Program?

With the motto, “Working for the Community to Better Our Lives,” the Bronx Helpers program provides 80 youth (grades 6-12) with the opportunity for leadership development, civic engagement and community service. Bronx Helpers identify and learn about issues affecting their communities and participate in service projects to improve the neighborhood. Recent program themes include “Environmental Issues Affecting the South Bronx” and “Promoting Good Nutrition and Fighting Hunger.”

What is New Settlement?

New Settlement Apartments is a not-for-profit housing & community service organization, located in an underserved area of the southwest Bronx, with a 15-year track record of active commitment to neighborhood revitalization and community development–including working toward excellence in community public schools. An integral part of the progressive housing philosophy embraced by New Settlement is that “housing is not just bricks and mortar.” Our mission is not only to rebuild and maintain a sizeable portion of the housing stock in this impoverished neighborhood, but also to support the rebuilding of its social capital. Year-round community services and education programs are structured in direct response to the interests of neighborhood residents, who are low-income Blacks and Latinos, including many new immigrants. Programs serving over 2,800 youth and adults each year are staffed by paid professionals and dedicated volunteers.

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