Native Bird Connections

February 9th – February 10th, 2013
Mare Island, Vallejo, CA

The folks over at Native Bird Connections feel privileged to share their educational endeavors with wild birds as humans’ partners. Their birds are the victims of permanent physical or psychological damage rendering them unable to survive in the wild. They will be bringing around four non-releasable wild live raptors to the San Francisco Bay Flyway on Saturday, February 9th, and Sunday, the 10th.

There will be a 1-hour presentation (check the SF Bay Flyway website for exact times) on the ecology, conservation, and personal story of the raptors being shown, as well as details on how the public can help these raptors and other birds in their area. Native Bird Connections will also have a booth for the public to come and ask questions and to view a live wild raptor up close on both days. For additional information, visit Native Bird Connection’s website or Facebook page.

Update 2/12/13: The San Francisco Bay Flyway was a great success! As many as 4,000 participants might have attended throughout the weekend, and Native Bird Connections was able to share experiences with an American Kestrel, Eurasian Eagle Owl, and Barn Owl, among others! Check out the photos below, and visit the San Francisco Chronicle article about the Flyway.

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