Museo de las Aves de México

January 1st, 2012
Saltillo, Mexico

We had a Celebrate Urban Birds festival during the last week of January, using CUBs materials. The Nicolas Bravo School joined us in the celebration and we enjoyed sharing our kits with them!

Presenting Cornell Urban Birds Kit
The Museum of Birds in Mexico, in Saltillo, Coahuila, was founded on the November 15th, 1993. It contains about 73% of the country’s known species, and is an important museum on the global level as it offers visitors the opportunity to see most of the birds of a country in a single building.

The Museum also acts as a key connection between society and ornithologists (bird scientists). Birds are a big part of our work in environmental education, since they can spark curiosity and interest in both children and adults.

In the five rooms that make up the Museum, we have sections assigned certain themes, such as “what birds are,” “where birds live,” “typical birds,” “birds of Coahuila,” and the “end of the millennium” room. We also dedicate special spaces to forest birds, desert birds, and a song-room; these different areas allow visitors to truly experience the diverse lives of birds.

Excited Students getting ready in a line
Migratory, resident, and urban birds are all covered in our collection. This lattermost group, which has managed to live in conjunction with our cities and make homes in our homes, is what connected the Museum to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s “Celebrate Urban Birds” program. For five days in the October of 2011, we celebrated our urban birds and were joined by 493 visitors from different educational levels, from kindergarten to university. More recently, in January 2012, we organized a week of “Urban Birds” in the Museum, which we used to host 626 students from the Nicolás Bravo School in Saltillo, Coahuila. The students were able to learn about Mexican birds (especially the urban species) and participate in workshops that complemented what they were learning in school.

Now, with the Itinerant Museum program that we are conducting throughout the state of Coahuila, we are sharing the unique and enriching experience of learning about Mexican birds, using knowledge to value and conserve this integral group of animals in our environment.

Students outside with masks

To learn more about our Museum and its programs, please visit our website or check out our blog!

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