Ecopil Arte Crea Conciencia: Tutubixis del Mezquital

June 1st, 2016
Apaxco, México

Ecopil Arte Crea Conciencia AC is a non-governmental Mexican organization that promotes sustainable, community-based development. Through their programs, Ecopil aims to create positive impacts on people’s quality of life, the environment and on the local economy. They also strongly promote science, technology, and community participation. Citizen science is one of the many wonderful tools Ecopil uses to connect its participants to the objectives and programs of the organization. One of their most successful outdoor programs is Tutubixis de Mezquital—an all age group of birdwatchers from Apaxco, Mexico, who go outdoors and enjoy watching birds and other beautiful wildlife. This group is an amazing example of terrific active bird citizen scientists from the community!

The members of Tutubixis del Mezquital are birdwatchers of all levels; some of them have passionately been bird watching for a long time, while others have just begun. This diversity in knowledge has allowed for a tremendous growth in the club, which has made them short in binoculars. Thanks to Celestron’s kind donation, Celebrate Urban Birds was able to send Tutubixis binoculars! Tutubixis members were so delighted to receive these gifts that they shared beautiful photos showing off their new binoculars during a recent excursion, as well as a lovely thank you video.

Check out some of their amazing photos in this gallery:

Watch their lovely thank you video below:

If you would like to know more about Ecopil Arte Crea Concincia AC you can visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

Page by: Vanessa Navarro Rodriguez

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