Concord Preschool

January 10th, 2008
Wilmington, DE

Every year our class of 3-4year olds learn about birds. We read stories, make pine cone feeders, paint and glue our own life-like and imaginary birds, and otherwise experience our feathered friends. This year, armed with a birdsong identifier, several pairs of binoculars, and unusually warm weather, a January walk around the neighborhood really hooked this class.

Sean on rocks searching for birds in the sky
Hardly a day passed that someone did not report seeing a cardinal, or a blue jay, or a crow. We made hanging feeders from recycled milk jugs to hang outside our classroom window.

When we learned about the GBBC from a flier from a local nature center, we knew we were going to participate. Sharing the information with another teacher resulted in her sharing with two more teachers so that in all, about 44 children and 5 adults from 4 classes participated.

Hayden exploring the bird kit and posters
These children really were involved. What might have been a week’s worth of activities has extended for longer than a month because of their interest. I know they will never forget cardinals or crows, or especially the call of the red winged blackbird, who does not say “conk a ree,” but repeats the name of two children in our class, depending on who is in possession of the identifier!

Thanks for the information in the Celebrate Urban Birds kit which added greatly to our resources.

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