Children’s Museum of Brownsville

June 18th, 2013
Brownsville, TX

Tuesday, June 18th, children in a summer enrichment program by the Children’s Museum of Brownsville, Texas, had lots of fun participating in a day of citizen science around Dean Porter Park, near the museum. Equipped with the Celebrate Urban Birds species sheets and Texas Parks & Wildlife checklists, the kids spotted lots of birds, like Laughing Gulls, Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks, Double-crested Cormorants, and, a rare sight in the US given the species’ quite small range in south Texas, Great Kiskadees.

(Photo © News Center 23)
Jennifer Williams, Education Director at the Children’s Museum of Brownsville, told us, “My students were so excited about this project and they had a wonderful time today. In fact, they have asked me to find more Citizen Science Projects that they can participate in!” The Brownsville Herald ran a story on the event, focusing on eight-year-old Irene de La Fuente, one of the participants in the Brite Minds Summer Enrichment Program, who dreams of becoming a ‘superstar birder’ and is proud of the wealth of species in the Rio Grande Valley that birders from all over the place come to find.

(Photo © News Center 23)
You can watch the participants at work through the coverage of the event by News Center 23 of the Rio Grande Valley. A day like this seems to match the Children’s Museum’s motto, “Introducing children to a world of learning through discovery and imagination,” quite perfectly! We hope the children participating in the Museum’s summer program get to experience more events like this one.

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