Bird Studies in Talca, Chile

May 15th, 2008
Talca, Chile

Learn more about their winning project “Riqueza, Abundancia y Frecuencia de la Avifauna del Matorral Costero, en Epoca Invernal de la Provincia de Talca” by students from the Complejo Educacional de Pencahue. Grupo Talca students also presented stellar work at the science fair.

Participants win first prize in science fair

Students Win First Prize in Science Fair

We have been working with students from an agricultural establishment located in one of our 2 mountain ranges called “de la Costa” (scrubs that are part of the forest in the Mediterranean zone). We have been very involved in the methodology of studying urban birds and have created a study of birds of the Coastal Scrub and cultivation fields that are part of our city of Talca.

Students identify birds with binoculars
To date we have information from various places, each student collects weekly data from the place where they live (the majority of students live in faraway places that are difficult to access). There is a great dispersion in the zone because students are from different locations in our region.

Our aim is to discover the native species of the zone, study birds, migratory altitude, and residents. We have created a publication and poster with the principal species. We have various studies about behavior and observations of various species native to the zone. This will end in a publication of a book including the work of students themselves.

Girls learning about birds on bench in the park
Moreover, the children will know where to find the birds and observe them. We believe that this is the key to raising awareness in the protection of the environment. Birds are very important in all landscapes of our country and the coastal scrubs are one of them.

With this same theme we have participated in a research project financed by our government “Concurso EXPLORA CONICYT” which unites the scholarly and scientific communities. Over 100 students of various ages participated.

Boy bird watches by the river with binoculars
We have also participated in an important school science fair. It takes place every year and over 400 students participate between the ages of 5 to 20. We are collaborating with Grupo Talca del Proyecto Palomas. We are analyzing our data and meeting with children (they presented the theme with graphic charts).

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