Bedford Audubon Society

January 1st – May 23rd, 2014
Mount Kisco, NY

This spring, the Bedford Audubon Society and the Saw Mill River Audubon Society plan on holding events with the Neighbors Link Community Center in Mount Kisco, New York. The two Audubon groups hope to reach beyond their traditional audience to better serve their dynamic and diverse communities, and more effectively protect migratory neotropical birds. Neighbors Link’s mission is to strengthen the whole community by actively enhancing the healthy integration of immigrants through education, empowerment, and employment. Last year, Bedford Audubon, Saw Mill River Audubon, and Neighbors Link partnered to foster greater integration, understanding, and nature appreciation in their shared community.

This year they’re planning a trio of events to celebrate and conserve urban birds. The events will focus on identifying common urban birds, supporting birds through feeders and houses, and establishing native habitat for urban birds and butterflies. This winter they held a Bird Feeding Fair, where children in the Neighbors Link Family Center created posters about common urban birds that decorated a new Celebrate Urban Birds Learning Space in the Family Center. The Learning Space, adjacent to windows that overlook the bird feeders installed during the Bird Feeding Fair, was the perfect place to discuss bird feeder types, bird seed, and proper care for bird feeders and bird seed. It also provided a great way to conduct the 10-minute CUBs observations.

The second event will be on April 25, during one of Neighbors Link’s regularly scheduled Family Nights. This event will be a Birdhouse Build. The children’s art project will be to create and decorate bird houses for the plush birds that are kept in the Celebrate Urban Birds Learning Space. After the dinner, participants will conduct another CUBs observation and then learn about different places where common urban birds nest, different styles of birdhouses, and how to care for birdhouses. Some birdhouses will be left at Neighbors Link to be installed, and others will be given to participants to take home.

The third event will be on May 23, to establish a Little Green Place at Neighbors Link. Participants and volunteers will plant a native garden in the front of Neighbors Link and near the feeders outside the Family Center. This Little Green Place will not only support urban birds, but will also beautify Neighbors Link, which is located in a fairly industrial location. After dinner, the children’s art project will be to create a collaborative poster of native flowers and plants for the Celebrate Urban Birds Learning Space.

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